Bowling Alley

The shift manager noticed a drywall bulkhead had cracked and dropped 6 inches, and the adjacent ceiling grid was bent. After investigating more, they realized a glulam beam holding up the roof structure had cracked and was pushing down the metal stud framing. The maintenance team temporarily shored the beam with lumber until WDS shored the beam with engineered shoring. The new beam had a long lead time; however, once the beam arrived, the WDS team installed the replacement and additional columns at 5 other critical glulam beams that were at risk of failing. The team worked 2 am – 12 pm shifts, allowing the bowling alley to remain open during normal business hours. The alley was able to remain open for the entire time, except for a couple of weeks for the temporary shoring to be engineered and installed, which helped keep revenue flowing while the final repair was made.