The educational delivery model continues to change as newer digital technologies come online and schools at all levels provide hybrid learning models. Administrators are continually challenged to keep up with evolving approaches and changing regulations, much less recognize how the physical spaces must reflect the delivery of educational programming.

WDS Construction removes the burden of having to understand design and construction from educational clients, allowing you to focus on your core purpose. Whether building new, renovating, or expanding, WDS brings our advanced knowledge and expertise to represent you and your requirements to deliver a result that best reflects your approach to educating the leaders of tomorrow.


Private Education Services:

WDS Construction excels in providing construction services for Christian schools and colleges, rooted in shared values and a deep understanding of the unique needs of faith-based institutions. With a culture of transparency, communication, and collaboration, coupled with a team committed to humility, hunger, and loyalty, projects are completed with a focus on safety and tailored solutions.WDS’s expertise in navigating the challenges of educational construction projects is complemented by dedication to upholding the values that resonate with our clients, making us a trusted partner in the Christian educational sector.

Testimonials //

“I’ve had the opportunity to experience a number of school building projects and construction companies. I would rank WDS at the top of that list. The WDS team has met our needs well and I’d recommend them to any other school district, organization, or group in need of construction services.”

– Timothy L. Raymond
, District Administrator
, Cambria-Friesland School District

Projects //