Pre Construction

As with everything in life, great results come from meaningful planning, but successful preparation requires a comprehensive understanding of the right questions to ask and the necessary information required in the early stages of any construction project. Through work completed in 48 states, WDS has found that the best result happens from a robust preconstruction effort, where we can get ahead of the curve and avoid potential challenges later in the project.

Value engineering is too often an exercise in eliminating critical project components – that were originally included for an important reason – in the name of cost savings. True value results when we’re able to keep these elements and meet your budget. Through a collaborative design process that incorporates our construction expertise, we can help determine the ideal project delivery approach and aid with material selection and procurement to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

One of the ways that WDS Construction is Built to Build Better is through our transparency: we’re 100% open book, meaning that we aren’t looking for those hidden pockets of profit within any scope of work.

Also key to project success is bringing on the right partners with the right resources at the right time, so the questions of budget, schedule, and quality are answered before we begin moving dirt or tearing down a wall.

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