Excavating Inside a Dairy Processor


Excavating-Dairy-Processor Excavating-Dairy-Processor

When a dairy processor realized that their building was in violation of USDA food safety standards, they turned to WDS Construction to help correct the issue. The plant had originally been designed with a sanitary line from restrooms on the second floor running under the first-floor production areas. USDA standards prohibit human waste from flowing through food production spaces, and quick, corrective action was essential to avoid disruption of the operation.

The solution was to redirect the sanitary piping, but this required digging a 9-foot hole in the building – a risky proposition. Because the layout of the building included a breakroom on an exterior wall, WDS proposed relocating the piping to the building exterior, then abandoning and capping off the older sanitary line under the production floor.

A portion of the existing floor adjacent to the production space was removed and hydro-excavated in order to connect new piping to the line coming from the second floor. As the building was constructed 4-feet above grade and the piping needed to be underground, WDS Construction excavated down a total of 9-feet. The deep hole was required to get below existing foundations.

Because this construction was required, the owner opted to upgrade several areas, and WDS constructed a new unisex restroom and remodeled an existing breakroom. New epoxy flooring was installed in the hall, breakroom, restroom, and stairway.

WDS Construction was able to complete this project without any disruption to the adjacent food processing space.

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