Nu-Tek Bioscience: New Manufacturing Facility

Nu-Tek Bioscience

Austin, MN

With pharmaceutical companies continuing to implement new approaches, coupled with forecasts for explosive growth in the need for industrial ingredients creating supply chain bottlenecks, Nu-Tek BioScience saw an opportunity for growth. Already a bioscience innovator supplying key ingredients for pharmaceuticals, the firm looked to capitalize on the market and introduce an alternative peptone product. Their challenge centered around how to quickly deliver their innovations to the marketplace –balancing the capital requirements for new production lines with the need for a world-class, next-generation biologics manufacturing facility.

The solution presented itself when Nu-Tek BioScience partnered with WDS Construction and affiliate company JCW Development team to create a new animal-free peptone and protein hydrolysate manufacturing facility developed under a build-to-suit arrangement. This new production facility is the first of its kind in the United States, and biologics is the fastest-growing sector within the pharmaceutical industry.

WDS Construction provided Integrated Project Delivery, working in concert with JCW Development to plan, design, and construct a new 60,000 sq. ft. facility under a fast-track project schedule to allow Nu-Tek BioScience to meet their aggressive go-to-market goals.

Situated on a nine-acre site to allow for future growth, the new building is centered around an innovative drying process, which allows the harvesting of peptone from soybeans. A 10,000 sq. ft. dryer tower rises almost 100 feet and contains an 80-ton dryer, requiring specialized structural systems. For process-driven projects like this, the building is essentially constructed around the process, exemplifying the form-follows-function approach.

The $40 million facility built around the main dryer process also features:

  • The Nu-Tek corporate offices
  • Employee services
  • Finish goods warehousing
  • Dry storage/corrugated warehousing
  • Packaging and blending areas
  • Product labs
  • The facility is designed and built for expected expansion in multiple directions in the immediate future