Transforming Cramped Spaces to Modern Efficiency: The Beaver Dam Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works
Beaver Dam, WI

The Beaver Dam Department of Public Works had outgrown its current facility, which was too small and outdated to meet its needs. The department’s staff had been working in cramped conditions, and the lack of modern facilities made it difficult to perform their duties effectively. The city council approved a budget for a significant addition to the existing building, designed to be modern, spacious, and efficient. WDS Construction was selected as the contractor for the project due to its experience and reputation for quality workmanship.

The existing building was 28,850 sf, and the addition boasts a total area of 51,245 sf, providing ample space for the department’s operations. The garage portion of the building makes up a large portion of the total square footage. This large garage space provides ample room for the department’s fleet of maintenance vehicles, including trucks, snowplows, and other heavy equipment. The garage also features several modern amenities, including lifts, compressed air systems, and storage areas. In addition to the garage, the new building includes administrative offices, conference rooms, and a break room for staff. These spaces occupy 11,800 square feet of space and feature modern finishes and fixtures. The conference rooms provide space for meetings and presentations and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The break room is a comfortable space for staff to relax and recharge and features modern appliances and furnishings.

In addition to the main building, WDS Construction also built a salt storage building for the Beaver Dam Department of Public Works as part of the construction project. The salt storage building was designed to provide the department with a dedicated space to store road salt, which is used to keep the city’s roads clear of ice and snow during the winter months. The building has a footprint of 7,740 square feet and is adjacent to the main building.

The Beaver Dam Department of Public Works’ new building construction project was a success, thanks to the expertise and experience of WDS Construction. The new facility provides the department with a modern, spacious, and efficient workspace, improving its operations and efficiency. The project was completed on time and within budget and has been well-received by the department’s staff.