WDS Corporate Headquarters: Creating a Future-Ready Collaborative Environment

WDS Corporate Headquarters
Beaver Dam, WI

WDS Construction was founded to serve a single client… then came another, and another, and soon the company was constructing projects throughout the United States. With this growth came a need to expand beyond the original 2,500 sq. ft. office space.

The firm set out to construct a new building that would grow with the company for years to come while embodying the WDS Brand and giving the employees a space to drive collaboration and bring people together. Before long, firm leadership was sitting in an empty cornfield, envisioning the new home.

The result of this vision is a new three-story, 28,000 sq. ft. building, prominently located on Highway 151. On the exterior, the modern steel-framed building features LED exterior rail lighting designed to draw the attention to the building’s façade by creating a nighttime identity. The inside is just as stunning with natural lighting penetrating deep into the interior, accomplished via floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls. In combination with the state-of-the-art features, the exposed steel, joists, and HVAC truly highlight the WDS Construction brand.

The office features a training facility, combination of private and open offices, conference rooms, monumental two-story atrium with adjacent board room, workout room, café, bar, kitchen, employee game room – and still leaves room for expansion.

As a true builder, WDS was tasked with bringing this building to life, utilizing a skilled team to design and execute the entire project from pre-construction through general construction and occupancy. WDS Construction’s workload at the time was steadily increasing, so taking on this large of a project was a big commitment for the company, but one they felt would be well worth effort.

Throughout the project, the project team dealt with extremely wet conditions, creating a muddy jobsite and resulting in multiple delays. Perhaps the biggest obstacle during the project was the high number of scheduling changes due to betterment, including building siting changing twice.

Ultimately, the project exceeded the primary goals to create a space that would grow with the company, bring people together, and embody the WDS Brand of Built to Build Better. The employees love the bar, where they celebrate wins and host events, as well as the wellness-centered workout room.

WDS Construction’s work on this project earned the ABC-WI Silver Project of Distinction Award. This award highlights the quality and professionalism of merit construction projects by ABC of Wisconsin members.


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